Terms of Use

Terms of use

Welcome to The IT Corp Analytics. We offer wide range of services to you on the basis of the terms and conditions contained in this document. We also need your consent to do certain things on your behalf, hence please read the following carefully and if you have any questions about the contents of this document, please do not accept and send an e-mail to info@itcorpanalytics.com or seek independent advice.

What we ask you to do and you must agree that-

-All the information you supply will be complete, accurate and truthful

-Any written statements you need to do as part of any application process will be completed by you on an individual basis

-You will need to use only our system for the purpose of assisting with your applications to study.

-You should acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the completeness, accuracy and truthfulness of all information provided by you.

-If you are offered and accepted any course offered by us, you should obey the rules, regulations, and ordinances of the academic institution and you need to ensure for the payment of all fees and other liabilities for the course you have applied.

-You understand that you are solely responsible for paying the applicable fees or other liabilities involved in applying to or undertaking the courses you choose and, we are not responsible for any changes to course or fee details.